Enjoy sailing! Logging will be done for you constantly and automatically.

Wouldn't it great to have a comprehensive ship's log with your past destinations, track, maneuvers, sailing performance and environmental conditions that you can refer back to at any time from anywhere?

The Hub does the leg work of logging for you. It provides continuous

  • Boats instrument data logging*
  • Hub sensor data logging
  • Smart event detection (docked, anchored & underway)
  • Smart maneuver detection while sailing (tack & gybe)



The Hub collects and stores your yachts instrument data* such as GPS position, apparent wind strength and angle, heading, etc. as well as data from the Hub's own sensors such as heel and motion of the boat, atmospheric pressure, battery voltage etc.. Data is logged up to every second to give you most accurate insights.

The Smartboatia App visualizes the data. Correlating changes over time already gives you a lot of context and insights compared to just looking at your instruments status quo. 

But there is more! We have trained our SmartboatiaAI (artificial intelligence) to detect when your yacht is docker or anchored, when it's underway, or maneuvers such as tacks or gybes occur.

The SmartboatiaAI is already damn good and will become even better over time as it trains on more data, detecting more events such as motoring and sailing.

* To log instrument data, the Hub needs to be connected to your vessels NMEA2000 bus via NMEA2000 cable or WiFi (in case you already have a NMEA0183 WiFi multiplexer on board). There are adapter cables to connect Raymarine's SeaTalkNG.

Not sure if your vessel fits the bill. Contact us an we'll try to figure it out together.


  • Docked
  • Anchored
  • Moored
  • Underway
  • Motoring
  • Motorsailing
  • Sailing

The ship's log will additionally show the nearest known location name when not underway.

The ship's log will additionally show distance travelled and avg. SOG when underway.

  • Tack
  • Gybe

New feature idea?

Is there something you'd like Smartboatia to do? Let us know and we'll see what we can do to bring your idea to life.
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