Instrument data at your hand, anywhere on board.

Did you ever wanted to view instrument data without standing in front of a chart plotter or any other of the instrument panels? 

For instance while below decks cocking, at your off watch hang-out, relieving yourself on the boats toilet, relaxing in a hammock without access to the physical boat instruments while sailing.

With the Hub's built in NMEA WiFi Multiplexer you can view

  • instrument data such as wind speed heading, COG etc. on your favorite navigation app*
  • anywhere on board with up to 20 devices simultaneously.



The Hub's NMEA WiFi multiplexer enhances information available to mobile navigation apps by forwarding cable based instrument data via WiFi using the NMEA0183 standard. Many of today’s navigation apps have a WiFi based NMEA0183 interface enables the app to display additional instrument data.

There is not really a Smartboatia user interface to this feature. You.'ll have to connect to the Hub’s on board WiFi and configure your favorite navigation app according to the navigations app suppliers instructions. The Hub’s network name is sb.hub resolving to a IP address. TCP Port 2021 is exposing the NMEA0183 data on the hub.

Be sure to connected your smart device to the Smartboatia WiFi to receive data in your navigation app.

* Your navigation app needs to support NMEA0183 data via TCP. Only sensor data provided by the boats instruments is forwarded e.g. you'll need a water temperature sensor connected to your boats NMEA bus in order to see water temperature.

In case you already have a NMEA to WiFi gateway on-board, the gateway can be used as the Hub’s NMEA source instead of the cable. Though we highly recommend a cable for better performance and redundancy reasons.

New feature idea?

Is there something you'd like Smartboatia to do? Let us know and we'll see what we can do to bring your idea to life.
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