All of your smartphones and tablets online as easy as 1-2-3.

Wouldn't it be great if you came into a harbor and had ALL your and your crews smartphones and tablets as well as your boats smart devices connected to the harbor WiFi or a local hotspot effortlessly?

Or if you could avoid ridiculous roaming fees when cruising abroad without having to change WiFi on all your devices all the time?

The Hub's built in WiFi router

  • enables you to connect ALL devices on-board and to the internet with just a few taps
  • will auto connect, if you've joined the Hotspot before

Annoying WiFi switching is an issue of the past. Never miss out on notifications because you're connected to the "wrong" WiFi; for instance a text message that your best friend has send via satellite phone.



The Hub is equipped with two powerful WiFi antennas.

One antenna serves a secured local on-board WiFi called Smartboatia. With all your devices - phones, tablets, laptops or even intelligent battery monitors, satellite phones or stereos - connected to Smartboatia, they can communicate with each other; even when you're out on the ocean.

The other antenna connects to the Internet*. It's as easy as connecting your smartphone to a WiFi hotspot using the Smartboatia app. But once your Hub is online, all other connected devices are online as well!

This saves the need to connect each individual device on board to the internet and the devices can still talk to each other. Also the Hub uses the internet connection to synchronize your trips, so you can relive your trip when not on board or have your family and friends follow your whereabouts.

* An external WiFi hotspot such as a harbor WiFi, a phone with enabled Hotspot, a portable Hotspot with a local SIM card or Starlink etc. is required for the Hub to make the actual connection to the internet.

You can see which devices are connected to your Hub at anytime.

You can also assign static IP addresses to devices. This is helpful if your device comes with an app that needs an address to connect; thus saving you frequent reconfiguration.  

New feature idea?

Is there something you'd like Smartboatia to do? Let us know and we'll see what we can do to bring your idea to life.
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