Know what kind of weather system is headed your way.

Atmospheric pressure is an indicator of weather. Barographs have been used by seafarers for hundreds of years to predict short-term changes in the weather. Especially when sailing off-the-grit, the Barograph is still the go-to tool to avoid weather surprises.

The Hub comes with a built in Barometer. Together with the Smart Ship's Log, it becomes a powerful Barograph.

  • Infinite recording of atmospheric pressure 
  • Pressure trends and warnings based on latest 1 hour and 3 hour changes in atmospheric pressure



The SmartboatiaHub samples atmospheric pressure using its built in barometer once per minute. The data is stored on the Hub whenever the pressure has changed; but at least every 5 minutes.

The SmartboatiaApp visualizes atmospheric pressure on a line chart like an analog Barograph -  it never runs out of paper though.

You can select any duration to see changes in pressure. For instance, rapid drop in atmospheric pressure means that a low-pressure system is arriving. The steeper the decline over a certain period of time, the more wind to expect.

And there is more! The App provides visual indications of the changes in atmospheric pressure, alerting you to potentially strong winds as a starting point for your on-board weather work.

The alerting is currently based on common meteorologists knowledge. We're training our SmartboatiaAI (artificial intelligence) for refined analysis considering pressure changes, wind-gusting, geo location etc. to become even better.

Like with any of the Smart Ship's Log data, you can access the Barometer via SmartboatiaCloud from anywhere.


  • Very fast increase
  • Fast increase
  • Increase
  • Stable
  • Decrease
  • Fast decrease
  • Very fast decrease

In general, very fast increases are indications for a fast moving high pressure system that could cause high-pressure storms. Whereas very fast decreases are indications for strong winds caused by an oncoming low pressure system.

The expected impact on wind strength depends on your geo location.

For 40-60° North this could mean the following:

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